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यापेक्षा अधिक चांगले आहे केवळ 'सॅन फ्रान्सिस्को इव्हेंटमध्ये!' 200,000 रसिक उत्साही 13 शहर ब्लॉक्सच्या बाहेर पसरले, प्रत्येकासाठी काहीतरी आहे
ऐतिहासिक फॉल्सम स्ट्रीटवर स्थित, संपूर्ण जगभरातील चमचे आणि फेटिश खेळाडू एकत्र होतात रिंगण गियर आणि खेळणी दर्शविणारे एक्सएनएनएक्स एक्झिबिटर बूथवर हे डुक्करचे स्वप्न आहे.
शीर्ष-नाव इंडी, इलेक्ट्रॉनिक व पर्यायी कृतींसह आमचे मोठे स्टेजचे टप्पे तपासा, भूमिगत EDM, सार्वजनिक खेळ केंद्रांना कसरत करण्याच्या दोन प्रचंड डान्स क्षेत्र आणि एक कामुक कलाकारांच्या क्षेत्रास आजारी आणि गुदगुल्यात प्रदर्शन स्तरासह. आणि, होय, आपण अद्याप नग्न असू शकता, म्हणून आपल्या कोट आणि कपड्यांचे स्वतःचे लाभ घ्या!

फाटक्यामध्ये $ 10 किंवा त्यापेक्षा अधिक दान करा आणि स्टिकर मिळवा ज्यास आपण प्रत्येक दिवसापासून आम्हाला विकत घेतलेला प्रत्येक पेय बंद करून $ 2 मिळवेल!

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Get Ready For Folsom Street Fair San Francisco – Version 2016

Every gay with a pulse around the world is aware that San Francisco has long been a safe haven. As the liberal bastion of American society, San Francisco has long afforded most residents and visitors equal rights, even before such a concept existed. Imagine that – treating us gays and lesbians as the people we are! Well, it is time to pay homage to the great city of San Francisco by attending the world famous San Francisco Folsom Street Fair. And, what a party it is shaping up to be!

मथळा आकर्षणे

Billed as the largest gay leather festival in the world, the stage could not be set any brighter. On Sunday, September 25TH from 11:00am – 6:00pm, Folsom Street Events’ annual Folsom Street Fair presents one of the hottest three-way headliner line-ups ever. The nonprofit event producers will showcase some of the most stellar music from synth pop and electronic to indie and house. Folsom Street Fair presents a tour de force of live acts that will appeal to its queer audience, pairing alternative music with alternative sexualities. This year’s main stage headliners are electronic and indie dance dynamos: Dragonette, YACHT, and ADULT.


Let’s begin with a snipet about Dragonette to whet your appetite. It’s been nearly four years since Toronto-based leftfield popsters Dragonette put out a full-length album – an eternity in Pop years. Though they’ve hardly been idle in that time. The touring around the 2012 LP “Bodyparts,” coupled with their smash collaborations with French DJ Martin Solveig, saw them almost constantly continent-hopping, sometimes swinging from Paris to Manila in a single weekend. They did tours of the US with Major Lazer, Miike Snow and The Presets, played to a packed mid-day tent at Coachella, and graced festival stages on five continents.

After a bit of depressurization, the band collaborated with top-flight electronic music producers from across the planet, including Dutch producer Mike Mago, US beatmaster Big Data, and Swedish hit-makers Galantis. All this work with other people has provided fresh fuel for the Dragonette mothership. They’re currently putting the finishing touches on their as-yet-untitled fourth album, and “Let The Night Fall” and “Lonely Heart” are a first taste of that work.


Another headlining group this year will be Yacht. YACHT lives in and champions the city of Los Angeles, CA. YACHT’s core members are Jona Bechtolt (pronounced John-uh Beck-tolt) and Claire L. Evans. YACHT’s new album is called “I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler.” The album was produced by Jona Bechtolt & Rob Kieswetter. YACHT signed to Downtown Records in late 2014. YACHT’s last two critically acclaimed LPs (“Shangri-La,” “See Mystery Lights”) were released by seminal New York City label, DFA Records. Rob Kieswetter has been a close collaborator since YACHT’s inception.

YACHT ने अनपेक्षित कॉम्पॅक्ट डिस्क बनवल्या आणि विकल्या, एक दार्शनिक हस्तपुस्तिका प्रकाशित केली, एक सनग्लास संग्रह तयार केला, एक सुगंध तयार केला, एनएसएवर पाळत ठेवण्याबद्दल प्रचार केला आणि कला संग्रहालये, टेक कॉन्फरंस्स आणि रॉक क्लबमध्ये त्यांच्या कार्याबद्दल सादरीकरणे दिली. क्लेअर आणि जेना एक्सप्लेक्स प्रत्येक दिवसाचे सह-संस्थापक आहेत जे प्रत्येक दिवसात लुझियानातील पाच मनोरंजक गोष्टी सूचित करते.


And then there is Adult. Detroit’s electro-punk phenomenon ADULT. (Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller) began their unpredictable path with one now totally obscure 12” (“Modern Romantics”). In 2001, with the release of “Resuscitation,” their first compilation album, ADULT. started playing more shows than ever as well as remixing artists.

After two more 12”s and their first limited edition 7”, ADULT. delivered their second album “Anxiety Always” in 2003. Following its release, ADULT. embarked on their first “proper” US and European tour. Successive releases such as “Gimmie Trouble,” “Why Bother?,” and “The Way Things Fall” have cemented the band as a formidable act with remarkable artistic output. Currently, the band is working on a new release, “Detroit House Guests,” with the likes of Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum) and Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) – both Folsom Main Stage alumni.

इतर उल्लेखनीय आकर्षणे

In addition to the main stage, the fair features two dance areas: Magnitude Dance Area on 11TH Street between Folsom and Harrison and the DEVIANTS Dance District on Folsom at 13TH Street. These stages are named after the two popular Folsom parties that take place during the same weekend. Headlining the Magnitude Dance Area are circuit DJs Russ Rich, Josh Whittaker, and fan favorite Alex Acosta with a live performance by Vernessa Mitchell. Headlining the DEVIANTS Dance District is the SF Bay Area debut of Tuff City Kids, Roi Perez, and the return of BAAAHS in its ‘sheered’ form.

The Folsom Street Fair takes place in San Francisco’s South of Market district. Locals sometimes refer to this area as “SoMa”. Up Your Alley takes place on Folsom Street between 9TH Street and Juniper, on 10TH Street between Howard and Sheridan, and on Dore Street between Howard and the dead end of Dore just passed Powerhouse. Folsom Street Fair takes place on Folsom Street between 8TH and 13TH Streets this year. That’s right – after many years of producing the exact same fair footprint, we’re shaking things up a bit and shifting the fair over a block! We hope that this shift results in improved vehicle traffic around the fair (by opening up 8TH Street to live traffic) and reduced residential impact. As an added bonus, The Eagle will be on the fairgrounds!

जाणून घेण्यास उपयुक्त माहिती

The Folsom Street Fair is a free event! The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and other gate volunteers will welcome you and ask you for a charitable donation, however, so consider your generous side as you attend. When you donate $10 or more, you will receive a fair sticker that will entitle you to $2 off of each drink you purchase from a Folsom Street Events (FSE) beverage booth. So, be generous – give ‘til it hurts, and please drink responsibly!

या वर्षी अप अप अँड ऍथली (ROUGH) आणि फॉल्सम स्ट्रीट फेअर (DEVIANTS) या दोन्ही बंद होणार्या पक्षांना एकाच स्थानावर असेल: मेझेनिन हे स्थान 444 Jessie स्ट्रीटवर आहे; फेअरग्राउंडस् पासून हा एक लहान, 10-15 चा चालतो. हॉवर्डच्या बाजूला एकतर एकतर बाहेर पडा, मिशन स्ट्रीटकडे जा आणि पूर्व डाउनटाउनच्या दिशेने (उदा. क्रमांकित रस्त्यावर खाली जायला हवे). मिशनच्या बंदजवळ उत्तर (किंवा डावीकडे) फिरून 5TH आणि 6TH रस्ते.

If you are not native to San Francisco, there are several options for host hotels: From Kimpton Properties, The Sir Francis Drake on Union Square, and The Buchanan, located between Pacific Heights and Japantown. From Viceroy Hotels, The Hotel Zeppelin, in historic Nob Hill. Use promo code FSFLEATHER. Also, for the first time, we are partnering with KinkBNB – for those of you who are interested in renting a BDSM-friendly apartment during your stay in San Francisco.

So, enjoy the fair – this is one mega event you will definitely not want to miss!

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